Age 10-12

Many Moons

I really love to draw and paint. Dragons and other mythical creatures are some of my favourite things to draw. I am also really interested in space so I have drawn both together: a dragon in a mythical place of many moons. I used pencil, black ink pen, paper, and my imagination. 30x40cm

Moon buns

A3 Cartoonish Self portrait, using Sketching pencils and pad. I Like drawing faces, figures and cartoons. This was a challenge and took me a couple days after school to finish.

Greyback the Gobler

I like to read Fantasy books about Dragons, mythical creatures and phoenixes. I love drawing Dragons, i drew this picture on plain paper using an HB pencil and a black ink pen. My picture is approximately 36cms long and 18cms high.

Light up the Jungle

The light up the Jungle room is about 3square meters and covered with builders paper to black out the light. Inside there is black light to make the jungle plants, rocks, and animals shine. Materials used: fluro paint on paper, rocks and dried plants, black light and jungle sounds.


I made my art at home by using a grater to grate pieces of old crayons onto the canvas. I then covered the canvas with baking paper so the crayon pieces wouldn’t move, and used a hairdryer to melt the crayons until I was happy with the end result. The canvas I used is 18cm …

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