Logan Simich-Burr


15yrs and 8 months

Title of work:

Complexities of Gandalf

Some of my artwork this year for NCEA included patterns and symbols combined into a tonal drawing of my choice using sketching pencils from 2B through to 8B onto A3 art paper (30cm x 42cms).
I concentrated on Maori symbols and patterns including the Koru, the fish hook or Hei Matau, and the triple twist or Pikorua.
The other symbols I chose were from Japanese Origami including the crane, maple leaf and butterfly.
To produce this artwork, I combined my vision of Gandalf using these contrasting symbols/patterns within the image to show a mixture of meanings from luck, wellbeing, endurance, strength, peace, hope ,healing, energy, loyalty and friendship.
This to me is the character of Gandalf the Grey.