Age 13-15

Pencil Portrait

I’m interested in drawing people. This is a piece I’ve drawn at home of one of my old friends. Its roughly A3 size and I’ve been working on it for just over 14 hours over the course of two months.

Environment Diary

This abstract work was created using a variety of media and techniques. Like the artist Heather Day, I reflected on my environment, not only recording it visually, but i engaged my senses to inform my mark making and create a sense of place.

Self portrait

this is a self portrait that reflects my interests my faith and who i am. for inspiration i looked at the artist Andrew Salgado and built my painting up with layers of watercolor washes , acrylic and pastel. It is A3 in size.

Billie Eilish

Acrylic on paper, A3 size. Painted as part of a portrait series for Year 10 art. I chose Billie as I felt she well represented the unconventional art style used, and chose colours I felt matched her striking presence.

Loki Laufeyson

Acrylic on paper, A3 size. Will soon be framed. Completed as part of year 10 school assessment. Loki is a character in the Marvel cinematic universe. He has frost giant heritage, reflected by the colours in the background. I chose shades of green for Loki as it is his favourite colour.


I used a digital program to create this piece, I used ruffed brushes and techniques to convey emotion while also trying to keep certain features sharp. This piece took me several hours to do and it is to show the bittersweetness of growing old.

lockdown survival kit

This is a A3 piece done with 12 coloured pencils. the objects in the picture are items that either helped me survive lock down or represent something that helped me survive. i spent 12 hours on this in 3 sittings since there wasn’t much else to do.