Age 13-15

Moo Cow

My artwork is an A4 acrylic painting of a cow on card. It was done as part of my year 10 art class and is loosely based of the calf I am currently rearing, Lucy.

Forest Flower

This project was about creating a super hero character. I was inspired by films like lord of the rings and based my idea of this character from that. I began by drawing my character and developing ideas about what she would look like, what her mission was and her powers. I also designed a logo …

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Kendall Jenner

This is a painted portrait of Kendall Jenner, painted with acrylic paints on A3 paper. I used the dry brushing technique using white and black paint on her face, and used stencils and sponges to create a colourful background.

A Tropical Paradise

This is an acrylic painting on a 40 by 30 cm canvas. I painted it in the middle of winter when I was wishing I was on a tropical island by the beach, and imagined there would be dolphins and fisher men coming in after a day of work.