Age 16-20

Crack of Light

Ever since the pandemic, domestic violence has increased, along with the number of those who mourn the death of their loved ones. Around the world, more people are falling ill by the hour, not just because of the pandemic but also from hunger and anxiety from the unknown future, and so many people are now …

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Time flies

As an artist iv’e always taken pleasure in drawing portraits to capture peoples finest moments and details. I do artworks mainly in oil paint and black and white with pencil. This piece was painted for my school NCEA art board and explores the idea that time is very limited and nobody stays young forever.


This is a mixed media work, using water colour, acrylic paint, pen and collage. I have been working on a series of ideas looking at animals and human nature. This one was inspired by Louis Jover. This is A4 in size.

Natures Sunset

I’m entering on her behalf because my daughter is amazingly talented , she painted this on a small piece of paper with just some basic paints in 20 minits . It’s amazing, she had no drafts or anything yo look at . It’s all from her own mind . !!


This painting is from a series of work that explores the character and myth Atargatis. Within that I have explored the themes of beauty, power and her power as a mythical goddess of the moon and water. I have built up layers of watery washes, contrasted by realistic imagery. This painting is watercolor, acrylic paint …

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