Age 4-6

Mr Evil Wolf

Mr evil wolf who looks really scary but is actually nice inside with evil seagull who got his name from skeleton parents. My second picture is a cat and an eagle playing hide and seek. It is a beautiful sunny day and cat is staring at eagle in the tree.

Beach Party

“My art has a heart with eyelashes. Pink & orange makes it so refined. Green kiss with smiley face. Seashells at the bottom,sand and my mom with umbrella. The dots are decorations, there is a blue sky and the sun has a green smiley face too.”

Tartan Grandad

Judah created a collage picture of his grandad wearing tartan pants and shirt. He has used sheeps wool for the hair; buttons, wobbly eyes, straws, and a pipe cleaner for the details. Size A3


Zach created a collage of his Grandma with fur fabric, green fabric for the dress and bow in her hair. he found some wobble eyes, buttons and stars for detail size A3